Sibling loss is often misunderstood.  It’s often misunderstood to be “less than” the loss of a grieving parent, grieving children, and/ or grieving romantic partners. It’s not “less than.” It’s different. Sibling grief is valid and life long.

Angela M. Dean, PsyD, FT

Meet Dr. Angela Dean, Sibling Grief Expert & Founder

Angela Dean, PsyD, FT, is a licensed psychologist, thanatologist, and sibling grief specialist. After experiencing the devastating loss of her own brother, she felt a lack of support and understanding for this unique type of grief. That’s why she founded The Broken Pack™ – to create a community where those who have lost siblings can find support, validation, and guidance on their grief journey as well as a place to educate professionals working with grief and loss on this unique loss.

Dr. Dean is a licensed psychologist and thanatologist specializing in sibling loss support, coping with chronic illness including extensive work in psycho-oncology counseling and research for patients, survivors, and caregivers. For more information on her work as a psychologist, please visit her practice’s website.

What is Thanatology?

Thanatologists are trained, experienced specialists who focus on death, dying, and bereavement for death and non-death loss. Combined with her personal experience of sibling (and other) loss, this means Dr. Dean offers a unique blend of professional expertise and deep empathy. Dr. Dean holds the Fellow in Thanatology (FT®) certification, demonstrating her advanced knowledge and expertise in this field. To learn more, see the Association of Death Education & Counseling (ADEC). Thanatologists come from diverse backgrounds and work in various settings, offering support to those facing terminal illness, grief, and loss and may work in hospice, palliative care, hospitals, counseling centers, research, as death doulas. funeral homes, private practices, and more. 

What is Dr. Dean’s Sibling Loss Story?

Dr. Dean lost her only sibling, Tony, unexpectedly on February 22, 2020. This floored her. She felt a deep sense of isolation and a lack of understanding regarding the unique grief associated with sibling loss. This powerful experience fueled her passion to create a supportive space for others who have experienced similar losses and to educate professionals and the public on sibling loss and sibling grief. To learn more of her story, about Tony, and how her loss has affected her, please see the about page and listen to episode 11 of season 1 of the podcast. Additionally, visit our social media  and our newsletter where she shares tidbits, anecdotes, and how she has learned to live with grief daily.

How can I reach her?

Dr. Dean knows that sibling loss can make you feel like no one understands. She’s committed to creating a safe space where you can share your story, process your complex emotions, and find tools to navigate this lifelong journey. Dr. Dean is here to walk alongside you with compassion and expertise. To reach her for inquiries for speaking, research partnerships, interviews, to talk, to share your story, and more, email her at Please note that she is unable to work with you as a patient or provide individual psychological services to you through The Broken Pack™. For more information on working with her in that capacity, please visit her private practice site.

Be sure to check out our podcast to hear stories of other surviving sibling loss! Our podcast and our organization isn’t all about Dr. Dean and never will be! We are committed to making sure all sibling grievers feel heard and understood!