The Broken Pack™: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss

A Sibling Loss Podcast for Surviving Siblings

The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss is a podcast that explores the unique experiences for people surviving sibling loss. Listen to The Broken Pack as adult siblings coping with the loss of their siblings share their experiences, gaining support from a fellow sibling loss survivor, psychologist, and thanatologist host Dr. Angela Dean.

Sibling Loss: A Disenfranchised Loss

Through these personal accounts, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of this often disenfranchised grief. Through these conversations, Dr. Dean and her guests explore the many facets of sibling grief, including the challenges of coping with the loss of a sibling, the impact of sibling loss on relationships with others, and the learning to live after the death of a sibling. Through the life stories, our pod explores difficult circumstances and cover important topics along the way.

Normalizing Sibling Loss, One Story at a Time

The Broken Pack isn’t just about listening to one person’s perspective – it’s about sharing your story and finding understanding in the experiences of others. When you tune in, you’ll hear from fellow sibling grievers, navigating this unique journey alongside you. Dr. Dean guides these conversations, creating a space where you feel heard, seen, and less alone in your grief. We believe that through shared experiences, we can find strength and support together. Here, your experiences with sibling loss can be shared without judgment, and where your voice truly matters. We understand the unique pain of this loss, and the sense of isolation it can bring.

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